Sunday, July 5, 2009


Iight, so wassup with music now-a-days. This noise people is making is crazy. The rappers are singing, the singers are talking, and the people who should be talking are SINGING! So since yall listening to this i know exactly what I'm going to start recording. I'm going to just make/get a crazy beat and I'm going to be myself on the track. I already started writing this song called "Mind Works" with singer/songwriter Arie D.  Maybe in a future post we'll give you a little taste a that. Well lol i have no followers because I didnt want to let people know about the blog until i had some posts so yeah after this one hopefully i will. Today my cousin suggested that i make a youtube page so that more people could listen to my music instead of just my friends. Ill take any advice from anyone.
Well i have a long day tomorrow "Afro Punk Festival!" So Duecesz to all.

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