Saturday, July 11, 2009


Iight first off Dat names gonna take some getting used to. You know how odd its going to be for people to answer a question like "What are you doing?" and you have to respond with "Im Jerkin!" Yeah but everybody's TRYNA do it now even though its actually not a new dance. Mad people don't like the dance because they think its for people who cant get light. I know plenty of people who get light and are now jerkin. One thing i don't know is what part of it is jerkin? because the foot part is called the "Reject" well pretty much i like the dance so im wit it but check out the dance for yourself.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Iight, so wassup with music now-a-days. This noise people is making is crazy. The rappers are singing, the singers are talking, and the people who should be talking are SINGING! So since yall listening to this i know exactly what I'm going to start recording. I'm going to just make/get a crazy beat and I'm going to be myself on the track. I already started writing this song called "Mind Works" with singer/songwriter Arie D.  Maybe in a future post we'll give you a little taste a that. Well lol i have no followers because I didnt want to let people know about the blog until i had some posts so yeah after this one hopefully i will. Today my cousin suggested that i make a youtube page so that more people could listen to my music instead of just my friends. Ill take any advice from anyone.
Well i have a long day tomorrow "Afro Punk Festival!" So Duecesz to all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Iight before I leave to meet up with my cousin Arie D. I had to post the new Jay Z ish "D.O.A"
He goes in on duh rappers and singers who use Autotune. (To bad i used it on "rescuing") 
The songs hot but its deff. not the Death Of Autotune.

Fanny Pack Sneakers!

Im pretty sure all of you have either seen or heard of Fanny Pack from MTV'S "Americas Best Dance Crew". Well they've come out with a sneaker line called "Fanny Pack." I think their iight, wouldnt rush to go cop dem though.